Day 13: Enhancing the accessibility of a plugin, a use case

Guide to Gravity Forms 2.5 for Theme Developers.

As one of the most popular form plugins, Gravity Forms is widely used by WordPress designers, developers, and users.

Yet for years, Gravity Forms had issues with creating accessible forms.

From poor keyboard support to missing feedback for screenreader users, Gravity Forms committed to doing better as they planned for their release of version 2.5.

In their Enhancing the accessibility of a plugin, a use case presentation at WordCamp Europe 2021, Rian Rietveld and Morgan Kay discuss the accessibility review and steps taken to improve Gravity Form’s accessibility for the 2.5 version.

One key takeaway: Making a plugin accessible requires thinking and planning. The team needs to consider accessibility in every step they take. It’s crucial to train your team and support staff about accessibility.

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