Day 21: WordPress Accessibility Meetup

WordPress Accessibility Meetup page on Meetup, highlighting what the group is about, members, and organizers.

If like me, you were disappointed there was no mention of accessibility in Matt Mullenweg’s 2021 State of the Word keynote address (the annual update on WordPress and future of open source), you can take action yourself.

Join WordPress Accessibility Meetup, a virtual meetup that hosts events twice a month on different topics focused on making WordPress website accessible to everyone.

Learn how you can build accessibility into your WordPress site.

Meet and chat with other WordPress users, designers, and developers who are interested in creating accessible WordPress sites.

A member of the official WordPress chapter account, WordPress Accessibility Meetup hosts events on the:

  • First Thursday of the month at 8am Pacific Time
  • Third Monday of the month at 5pm Pacific Time

Events are free, held on Zoom, live captioned, and have American Sign Language interpretation.

I’ve attended several meetups and for those I’ve missed, I’m glad I can watch the recordings afterwards.

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