The WordPress Advent Calendar 2021 shares helpful WordPress tips, advice, and resources for both beginner and advanced WordPress users.

You might ask, why did I launch a WordPress Advent calendar three days after other Advent calendars launched?

Every year for the past 10 years, I’ve published a roundup of web professionals focused Advent calendars. And for the past five years, there’s been no WordPress Advent calendar.

I’ve been frustrated there wasn’t a calendar for a technology I used on a daily basis for my site as well as my client sites.

So this morning (December 3, 2021) I decided to create the calendar myself!

Based on already published WordPress articles, the calendar highlights authors and posts that may not be as well-known or popular as other WordPress blogs.

My hope is to introduce WordPress users to people and organizations who are active in the community.

People and organizations publishing helpful advice and tips on topics that I might categorize in the “I didn’t know that” category.

My thanks to my friends and colleagues, Elizabeth Klaar, Eric Karkovack, and Nancy Seeger who shared some of their favorite WordPress authors.

-Deborah Edwards-Onoro