Day 1: P2 Puts Easy, Flexible Project Tracking Tools In Your Hands

P2 is your team's shared workspace.

To kick off the WordPress Advent Calendar 2021, I’ve chosen to highlight P2, an online flexible project tracking tool.

Created and used internally by Automattic (’s parent company), P2 is a free standalone product available on the web as well as on WordPress mobile apps.

Think of P2 as a project tracking, shared workspace, and communication platform you can use with your team, company, clients, club, organization, or family.

It’s a place where you can share, discuss, and collaborate with each other. For your WordPress projects, you can use the Task, Project Status, and Changelog blocks for managing your work.

Looking for ways you can use it for your team or organization? Check out the P2 demo to learn how it’s used at Automattic.

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